January 16, 2018

Now Offering: Private Mediumship, Channelling & Psychic readings

April/May 2015

Private Mediumship, Channelling & Psychic readings

I really enjoy channelling into the spirit world, and trained for many years with a brilliant Spiritualist Medium, through opportunity I gained much incite from experience, and reading into people’s energies (psychic reading).  Also, while learning, I  received some astonishing messages from my loved ones in the spirit realm.

Readings can be a valuable and healing experience, sometimes we find it hard to come to terms with loosing loved ones, and mostly from my experience, the loved in spirit is usually always desperate to communicate.  With some of the reading I have done for friends, and on platform, I can honestly say, that I feel truly blessed when channelling spirit, I can see and feel just how uplifted and content, a person becomes, when they are being communicated too by a loved one in spirit.

Readings are a wonderful way to gain incite, to be guided, or to be assured.  Every time, I work with spirit readings, I am blown away, at how spirit work, through and with me while channelling information.

With development, I have gained opportunities to do demonstrations on platform, with a  live audience, in Spiritualist Churches.

I now offer private readings,  If you are interested in receiving a  one to one psychic or mediumistic reading please contact me.



“Channelling is a form of communication between humans and other beings, usually from higher dimensions. These beings could be angelic beings, nature spirits, spirits of departed loved-ones

A channeler can choose who or what they want to channel. If the other party has an interest in communicating, the link is made and the channeling can begin.

There are different ways of channeling. In order to channel, the medium usually doesn’t have to go into a deep trance state, or surrender their body and/or mind to the entity. They just focus their senses and attention on the entity they are channelling. But there are also channelings where the soul or spirit of the medium either steps aside or leaves the body. This makes room for the other energy to enter and use the body for a specific period of time. This shift of energy can take seconds or minutes, and those capable of seeing auras, can see the shift.

Some people fear channelling because they don’t understand the process, or they think that a negative or dark entity can come in. But the channeler always has the choice of who or what they want to channel. I also believe if you have a pure heart, with pure intention, then only good can channel.

Experienced channelers understand that just because an entity wants to communicate doesn’t mean the entity is necessarily enlightened. The channeler should discern for themselves the level of enlightenment of the entity, and the value of their information. Some entities just like to chat, others can have an agenda. But many are of the Light, and also have a desire to provide enlightened guidance and counsel.”


About Channelling

“Channeling (or Channelling) is the process of communicating with any consciousness that is not in human form by allowing that consciousness to express itself through an individual, the channeler.

The most common form of communication with non-physical consciousness has been with people who have passed on, but that is usually referred to as “mediumship” rather than channeling. Channelling usually refers to accessing higher knowledge in order to support spiritual growth and to gain greater clarity about one’s life.

Channelling is a method used to access information from entities that are supposedly more evolved and could therefore enlighten us as we move through the evolution of consciousness and back to source.

Everything is vibrational. When one channels, they are tapping into, plugging into, the frequency of the grid program in which we experience. It’s like tuning in a radio. Each station, or energy plug-in, brings a specific frequency of information that we sometimes associate with colours, chakras and tones and specific evolved beings such as angels, archangels, ascended masters and teachers.

The holy books of all major the religions were said to be passed from Gods, messiahs, prophets, angels. However the religions often teach that these messages can only be passed to special ‘approved’ men and women.

Supported by the entity they channel a broader view on the current energies. Channelling is also a fantastic way to read into the true essence and energy of a person, as the spirit world does can not be deceived, and they can provide a guidance through these difficult transformational times.

January 16, 2018