January 15, 2018

Photo-Shoot Part 2 – Launching soon

Private Commission Ring Titled:

Lady Peacock

Jewellery Designer: Anila Ahmad; Makeup Artist: Saira Ahmad; Model Geraldine McEwan; Photographer: Yvonne Taylor; Clothing & style set up: Anila Ahmad & Geraldine McEwan.

Another Jewellery commission, this time for a beautiful dear friend, Geraldine McEwan (Aka Geri).  An engagement ring designed and made specifically for her personality.  Based on Geri’s unique style and creative interests.   As a designer myself I based the design concepts for this ring on my interpretation of Geri too; for me. Geri has a very Elegant and Timeless style. She has a beautiful personality with a colorful social life and, many interests.  Everyone who knows Geri loves her personality.

Geri ‘s look and personality for me visually is: ‘Lady Peacock’…… Geri loves; adores and, very much suits the vivid and, vibrant colors of the Peacock feathers; Majestic & Regal colors: Azure Blue, Emerald Green and a touch of Gold and, qualities of a  1920s Art Deco and Bohemianism.  The term ‘Lady Peacock’ also interpreters a feeling of Victorian Elegance: Lace; Romance and exotic influences from Bird feathers….capturing and creating a modern, yet classic/ timeless styled ring.

Below some images taken at the studio while preparing the Shoot:

January 15, 2018