Private Mediumship/ Channelled & Psychic Reading

Mediumship/Channelled & Psychic Readings

What is Mediumship:

Everyone is psychic to some degree, we are all born with psychic ability – if we chose to pay attention to it. Mediumistic skills take a little more work. Certain individuals are more prone to mediumship than others, and usually develop mediumship skills over a period of time.

In spiritualism, the term ‘Medium’ refers to a person with an ability to produce phenomena of a mental or physical nature by “channeling” or communicating with a spiritual entity.  All mediums are psychic, but all psychics have not necessarily developed to the point where they can communicate with the Spirit world. A medium is a psychic who has fine-tuned his or her extrasensory perception and can interface with the spirits in other dimensions. They are able to feel and/or hear thoughts, voices or mental impressions from the spirit world. 

The Spirit people vibrate at a much higher frequency than the living. In order to bridge the gap and make a connection, a medium must raise his or her own vibration higher and, in turn, Spirit has to lower its vibration so the two can meet. The meeting in the middle is actually where the term “Medium” came from.

Anila has channelled with spirit since she was a child

“Since childhood I always sensed and felt spirit energies working with me for as long as I can remember.  I’ve naturally been able to feel into people’s energies and read them. This lead me into training as a Spiritualist Medium.

Now I am able to understand what this natural ability is.  I always assumed everyone could see and feel into the spirit world.  When I met my teacher: Irene McGilvary she also has a natural ability too. with her mentoring I embraced, and understand my energy and connection to Spirit

We both come from family generations with ability to channel directly to Spirit, and to read people on a psychic level.  

My great Grandmother Jena was a spiritual teacher with healing abilities, My grandmother (her daughter) is also very clairvoyant and mediumistic,.  She holds a gift where she can also see, and channel spirit. She knew things about people, about her family,  detailed information. 

Nostalgic photo – my Grandparents

I offer readings, (psychic although mainly channelled/meduimship readings) I enjoy channelling. While learning. I received some astonishing messages from my loved ones in the spirit realm. 

An Example: There was a circumstance at a place of work, which happened, when a malicious girl started/continues to steal entire written contents of my website, and copied them into her own website;  re-edits the structure and layout to suit her business needs.  The amount of detail spirit gave me about the situation through the working Mediums: this person projects deep jealously and Malice, covered well by showing a devious and quiet persona, the information  blew my mind away,  I was given in- depth detail about the core essence of this individual, on her personal and soul level.  This experience and knowledge taught me an insightful lesson -The spirit world knew every single detail, and never lie.  The brilliant training Mediums articulated beautifully, what spirit could see, and what was manifesting around me regarding this girl – low vibration energy,  unhappiness/ a massive chip on the shoulder type personality, someone who knows only to operate with intentions of pure Greed  – an Energy Vampire.   This incite from spirit was a strong and important lesson to learn.  I have gratitude, and love for my loved ones in Spirit – as they communicated,  through love and care,  guided me to look deeper into this situation and to always maintain barriers & distance, from personalities who would do, or say anything to manipulate and twist stories in order to cover up the truth, telling lies to everybody involved.  I was told by spirit, a person like this  will continue clutching at straws, to seek inspiration and ideas from my handwork/ efforts all the time,  Spirit also assured me, communicating a phrase, ‘ Give her enough rope and she WILL hang herself! ‘Karma is lesson no one can escape, and she will receive her due!.

About Private Readings:

Having readings can be a valuable and healing experience, sometimes we find it hard to come to terms with loosing loved ones, and mostly from my experience, the loved in spirit is usually always desperate to communicate.  With some of the reading I have done for friends, and on platform, I can honestly say, that I feel truly blessed when channelling spirit, I can see and feel just how uplifted  and content, a person becomes, when they are being communicated too by a loved one in spirit.

Readings are a wonderful way to gain incite, to be guided, or to be assured.  Every time, I work with spirit readings, I am blown away, at how spirit work, through and with me while channelling information.

With development, I have gained opportunities to do demonstrations on platform, with a  live audience, in Spiritualist Churches.

I now offer private readings,  If you are interested in receiving a  one to one psychic or mediumistic reading please contact me.”

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