Duende – named after the homonymous Spanish term, used to describe the mysterious energy transmitted by flamenco performers, who captivate their audience with improvising music, effective vocals, with seductive, earthy and expressive dancing.

The collection is inspired by the infusion of old cultural influences which have made flamenco a mystifying and nostalgic art form. My source of inspiration is the variation of cultures and I am particularly interested in the results after mixing materials together.

To create this feeling visually I used materials such as West African wood, leather, titanium, 24 karat Gold, white, red and black metal for contrast.  Also some pieces are made to create movement and improvising sound to mimic the rhythmic beats in flamenco.  By mixing materials, ideas, sound and movement results to creating and capturing a vision in the form of jewellery.

Le Tablaou
Los Gitanos
El Tocania
Al Andulaz