Holistic Therapies & Massage:

I had a Reiki and Crystal healing from Anila, and I can only say in all honesty that it is without a doubt the best healing I have ever experienced.  I felt totally energised both mentally and physically that day and the following day.

Irene McGilvaryInternational Spiritual MediumDSNU

The benefits of a Holistic treatment are ten-fold, although, the attitude and intention of the therapist can affect the treatment outcome either positively or otherwise.  Anila Ahmad’s study, knowledge and understanding of therapies are a credit to her profession.  During therapy sessions with Anila I have felt the calm intent and spiritual nature of her.  These qualities in Anila, along with the therapy’s purpose have afforded me calm and mindfulness, confidence and inspiration; stress relief and tolerance.  I am inspired by Anila’s dedication to Holism, which helps me release my own potential.  I would recommend to anyone with a stress related condition or in need of relaxation, to experience treatments from Anila.

Moira McMmanusClient & Therapist

Anila was a great addition to our team. She was punctual, very attentive and proved to be a very good therapist.  If I needed to hire any therapists I would have no hesitation in bringing Anila on board.  She was a credit to your College.  2010

Bill StewartChief ExecutiveCancer Support Scotland (Tak Tent)

Working in the clinic with Anila is a pleasure.  Her clients are treated with her calming attitude, genuine concern and of course ‘wonderful hands’.  Anila conducts herself in a very professional manner, and it is with no hesitation I highly recommend all her treatments to anyone.

Yvonne GoldsmithClinic ManagerJan De Vries Healthcare

I was delighted that Anila was at our clinic in Blythswood Street Glasgow, when I lifted a patient and damaged my shoulder!  I was in severe pain.  Anila gave me some treatment, and with her “Brilliant hands” managed to give me relief to enable me to continue with my consultations.  Anila is a very professional practitioner, who has great gifts, and I am very happy to recommend her to anyone.  I am certainly grateful that with her skills, she was able to relieve me from the pain I suffered at the time.  Thanks to Anila my shoulder is so much better.  (referenced  in 2013)

Professor Jan De Vries (1937 - 2015)



Holistic Therapies & Massage:

I regularly see Anila for Reiki/Crystal treatments at Neal’s Yard Remedies.  Anila is a fabulous therapist and works very intuitively with energies.  I love having Reiki/Crystal sessions as I feel a deep sense of relaxation and calm during the treatment. Anila intuitively knows which areas of the mind, emotions and body need cleansed and charged with the powerful healing of Crystals and Reiki energy.  If you are looking for a powerful healing, balancing energy treatment, I would highly recommend Anila.  She works with energies in a beautiful highly psychic level

Deborah HallTherapistNeal’s Yard Remedies Glasgow

The ingredients suited my skin very well; they worked by calming and relaxing me during the treatment. I am now a fan of combining frankincense, rose & chamomile oils. After the treatment my face muscles were all relaxed, and my skin was nice and soft. The next day it was the very same. Two days later I could feel tension creeping back into my face & neck but that was a good sign that the holistic facial had worked, by proving to be a relaxing therapy at the time of treatment.  This made me enormously aware of tension which appears in my face & neck. I would highly recommend getting a holistic facial from Anila; or even something to recommend for a client who perhaps comes for aromatherapy and has neck & shoulder tension. I would also say that it is useful for people who experience skin flare ups due to stress, as the holistic facial helps to relax, calm and restore. In a nutshell it is a blissful treatment that works wonders after a long week. Anila you’re a star!!!  You have a great way with all the different treatments you practice; making the right one suitable for creating a lovely energy for each treatment too! Also I love that the face masks are specially made up for the treatment from different clays & oils:).  Thank you Xxx

Lisa JenningsNeal’s Yard Remedies Glasgow

Hi, I recently had a NYR Facial in your Glasgow premises and I can honestly say it was one of the best facials I have ever had. I was the last client of the day and my time ran over and I had to rush off, as I had another appointment.  The therapist (Anila) gave me samples of Palmarosa and Wild Rose Beauty Balm. Kind Regards Nicola Auld

Head Office Customer FeedbackNeal’s Yard Remedies Covent Garden



Holistic Therapies & Massage:

I received amazing Healing session with ma ‘Gypsy Gal’ Anila Ahmad, You’re healing energy ALWAYS sorts me out lovely…….feeling back to my Strong & Happy self …..thank you & big love coming you’re way.

Geri McEwanClient & Therapist

My monthly session with Anila relieves muscle tension and helps maintain overall health and wellbeing. Genius!

Maggie BClient

Anila creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation around you that lifts you out of your hectic day and leaves you feeling re-energised and peaceful

Jacqueline MClient

I have been having massage and reiki sessions with Anila for several years, and I can’t recommend the treatments highly enough.  Anila is an experienced and professional practitioner who puts you completely at ease very quickly.  The treatment room exudes a sublime feeling of tranquillity, the music and surroundings all contribute to this.  The massage takes away all the aches and pains that build up, as well as being a great way of relaxing as well, yet somehow it is also an energising experience.  It usually leaves me feeling very calm. Yet completely focussed and with a feeling of great well-being

Sue DClient



Holistic Therapies & Massage:

Anila is a very gifted and intuitive therapist. I’ve searched a long time to find someone who could smooth out the tense muscles on my back, shoulders and neck in a way that frees my body up to express its vital energy.  Anila’s friendly, gentle energy helped me to feel safe to talk about anything and I was also fortunate to have experienced a crystal therapy and Reiki treatment too which was amazing.  My energy body felt rejuvenated and cleared, my whole energy centres felt more activated and in alignment.  The impact was accumulative in the most non invasive yet fundamental way.  I feel more at peace, optimistic and genuinely lighter at heart.  I have to say getting treatments from Anila including and acupressure facial which also freed so much tightness in my face and neck, well its hard now just to think about booking to see regular therapists, true holistic therapy requires a wise and intuitive healer so the needs of the individual on their journey are met.  Too often I’ve seen therapists who never address spiritual or soul aspects of the individual, yet Anila does this with great depth and knowledge so I would be reluctant to book any therapists now who does not have this skill or understanding.  Anila was able to count to me the experiences I had during the Reiki treatment which validated the deep level of healing and repair taking place. For me it was about a sincere connection to my higher self and Anila described some of the details about the experience and what lessons, images and insights were coming through.  I’ve never left a treatment room with such Awh and respect for someone so attuned and sensitive to the essence of an individual.  I will certainly return to get more treatments from Anila as well as highly recommend her to others.  I know also for people who do not really entertain aspects of their spiritual awakening. Anila would still provide a high quality service catered to the individual and what their needs are at the moment. I’m excited for Anila for the level she is at as a therapist.  She is born with such a talent and gift to share and I am sure this will manifest in more profound and colourful ways.  On a personal level, Anila has helped to facilitate my ascension by accelerating the presence I feel in my body and the need to let go in certain aspects of my life including emotions and mental patterns which no longer serve me.  She has helped me realise fear around my own talents too and integrate valuable insights and realisations




Holistic Therapies & Massage:

I would like to mention how fab my reflexology with Anila was, loved it, she is a real asset to the store, lovely personality.

Jane CarmonaArea ManagerNeals Yard Remedies

Anila, thanks so much for the massage you gave me yesterday. I’m definitely interested in the readings you do, but I would love to see you soon regarding my back.  I feel good this morning and you honestly are so good, and seem like a really nice person.  Thanks again and I will see you soon for another treatment.


Anila, I am thanking you so much for the crystal and reiki healing you facilitated for me on Friday. It was absolutely wonderful and this is my testimony:

A crystal grid was built around and on me and then I was opened as Anila walked around me. Anila worked with my head predominantly and this mirrored my decision to reclaim peace and dispel all fear and dissonance that had been in my mind.  I had loads of visions while this was happening, and at times I felt really cold. I have always encountered cold in my body as my frequency climbs. (Eating and movement helps reheat and reground too).  I love crystals and rocks and I love how they feel. The rebalancing feel and things yes this was brilliant and so necessary for me.  I did a lot of commands while I was receiving and I released many entities that did not serve my highest personal good anymore. I saw grids sparking at some points too.  Anila closed the same way she opened and I felt the symbols as if they became etched into me.  After I found my voice emanates from my heart rather than between my throat and heart as it had been for a while. This makes my whole being seem to resonate when I sing and I feel my sounds more.  I love the shift I am experiencing as a result of this healing. I love how this supports me and the choices I have made for me and my slice of the world. I love the strength I have found in my willpower since and how much clarity is here in me now too…Thank you Anila!




 Jewellery & Design:

BA (Honours) Jewellery Design: Central St Martins College of Art and Design “Anila was a dedicated & effective student throughout her degree.  She was a very committed student who really refined & developed her skills during her time with us, finishing with an innovative & exciting degree show.  Anila makes fascinating work with a strong personal identity and a sophisticated design process” 2009

Giles LastSenior Lecturer

Dear Anila, We are to inform you of the huge success of the exhibition. Your design piece/s was particularly appealing to the audience and we had many people asking about its concept. Because of the success of the exhibition, we are now trying to transfer it to another city and we envisage transferring it to another country as well.” 2009

Alexis ThemistocleousArt Director

Anila did a student placement with me.  Anila not only has a powerful imagination but a free and unfettered mind which allows her to find inspiration in unexpected places.  She is a true original and I expect great things of her.

Sarah Jocelyn BurtonInternational Silversmith and jewellery Designer

Dear ANila!!!! Congratulations it is beautiful!!! I love the pictures, especially the ones with the model in the forest, and the pieces and the music it all work together in a very emotional alchemy!!! Brava Anila, I am really proud of you, you managed to do so much, and you managed to create a very sincere and credible identity for your work and your professional profile. Love XXX Lisa 

Lisa Cerutti PhDArts & Humanities

Wow I like your website, that tune you have on it is delightful. I love your jewellery; it’s got a real natural divine feel to it. Oh and I love the way you write about your work, I am also very deeply spiritual and so I feel your language. I love the idea, concepts and overall creativity that is apparent in the product but I can tell you have a deeper understanding of nature, life and your influences are just great.

Kristen NeilsonModel

Everything about Anila is exquisite… from her soul, to her creative work…. x

Jasmine Alexander Jewellery Designer

Portrait Photography: Yvonne Taylor, Make up Artist Saira Ahmad; Fashion shoot Design: Anila Ahmad

Nature Photography © of Anila Ahmad & GRJ The Healing Garden