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Anila’s style of work is rooted within her creative imagination and intuition.  She finds inspiration through holistic & healing modalities linked deeply within nature; Indigenous cultures; ancient spiritual practices and sound. She loves to work with her hands both, for healing and creative methods.  For this reason, Anila trained within holistic healing therapies and Creative Design. She gained her qualification in Jewellery Design from Central St Martins College of Art & Design.

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Bohemian Gypsy
Three Part Collection:
Crystal Visions/The Enchanted Forrest/Nomadic

Anila's Creative Mind & Concepts

 “For me Jewellery is an item of distinguishing character & reflections of personality: to wear something individual, handmade, designed through sophisticated thought processes – with attention to detail; including considerations towards sourced materials & technical processes; is an approach to articulate & express my passionate interests for creativity.  I love to design & make jewellery styles that are individually unique; &  also express the true essence of my inner self.”

“The concept of ‘Gypsy Rose Jewels: balances and acquaints efficiently a link through ‘The Healing Garden’ concept. Romany Gypsies are prominent for being connected with travelling. Gypsy culture is international & known throughout history as ‘the travelling people’, with an infatuation for ‘alternative’ & ‘clairvoyant’ healing abilities. Known also as ‘ Mysterious Nomads’ and ‘Bohemian’  travellers;  who influenced many cultures worldwide (India, Egypt, Middle East, Romania, Russia, and all over Europe – mainly within Spain’s Flamenco culture of dance).”

The beauty within Gypsy culture for me is acquainted to the travelling experiences in backwoods or country wilds:  a history laced in sentimentalizes and values, inspired through natural resources, ancient wisdom, all passed down from generation to generation, This creates a notion and feeling of nostalgia deep within my soul.

My Work depicts narratives of spiritual and holistic concepts; reflected within my educational research and personal interests. I have adapted this method to unravel ideas intended for storytelling, within my jewellery collections conveying my thought processes aimed at creative disciplines.

My collections not only takes one through a historical journey of holistic and spiritual disciplines…but also integrates very much on the attractive associations connected to the Gypsy travelling culture (Hence the name ‘Gypsy Rose Jewels)’. Each collection portrays thoughts of olden cultures; in forms of holistic healing and spiritual wisdom; linked also with ‘The Healing Garden’ concept.

Privately Commissioned Engagement Ring: Jewellery Designer: Anila Ahmad, CAD Rendering: Darren White at Bejouled, Photography: Robert Smith;Materials: Rose Gold and  AA Grade Oval Cabachon Lapiz Lazuli Stone

Jewellery Deigner: Anila Ahmad; Photographer: Jakub Iwanicki. Materials:  Metals- Flat sheet 1 mm thick, metal beads; Enamels

Jewellery Designer: Anila Ahmad; Photographer: Pavel Dousek, Materials: variety types of Quartz: Crystals: double terminated & single pointed; also carved quartz- various sized dowsing pendulums and single pointed Black Tourmaline.  Base Metal brass, precious metal: silver and gold: 1; 2.5 & 3mm thick flats sheet; intricate Piercing & soldering techniques.

Silver pendant made using Silversmithing techniques with Etching process, and Swarovski crystals in 2004/2005. A collaboration project with Swarovski Company while studying at Central St Martins College of Art and Design

Fashion Capsule collection pieces made for catwalk show project in 2006 at Central St Martin College of Art And Design:  design manufacture techniques.

Jewellery Designer: Anila Ahmad; Make up Artist Saira Ahmad; Model: Privately Hired; Photography by Jakub Iwanicki

Collections Titled ‘The Enchanted Forrest and ‘Nomadic Charm’: Items Brooch ; Materials:Metals, Perspex; Cold Enamel and natural wood. Photography by Jakub Iwanicki 

Jewellery Designer: Anila Ahmad; Photography by Lisa Jennings; Location: Roslin Glen, Scotland.  Materials: Metal & West African Wood

Duende Collection, Materials: West African Wood. Leather Chord, Mixed Metals: Silver, 24 Carat Gold,  Heat Treated Titanium, Red, Yellow & Black Gold Rhodium Plated Techniques.

Gypsy Portrait Photography: Yvonne Taylor. Make Up Artist Saira Ahmad; Fashion shoot Design: Anila Ahmad

Jewellery Photography various Artists: © GRJ The Healing Garden