January 16, 2018

The Enchanted Forest Collection

January 2014

A collaboration & inspiring team effort

Jewellery: Anila Ahmad, Makeup Artist: Saira Ahmad, Model: Privately Hired , Photography: Jakub Iwanicki

After my collections were complete we all got together for this photo-shoot

Working with this team was superb! Jakub is a fabulous photographer his ideas and visions are brilliant, he has a way of coming up with ideas like a master magician.  The depth and energy within his creative thought processes amazed me, his ideas and uses of materials are so natural and enriching.  I can honestly say he is one of the hardest workers I know.  For me his work is refined and detailed, he takes time and effort on each image, to make sure the depiction connects accurately with the theme.  He knows also how to make these connections work well for beginning to end – the design brief and the essence of the jewellery collection; the model’s quality and core essence within her personality. They were all captured in synchrony

Kristen was very disciplined and professional,  For me she has divine quality in her nature and presence, I felt Jakub managed to capture this through his soft light techniques, as he photographed her continually for hours to capture the ideal shots. I could feel the confidence within Kristen’s body language, she managed to settle into a meditative state throughout, which helped to bring out the beauty within her energies and appearance.

Saira also had very clear visions with great concepts,  she is knowledgeable & constructive with a good eye for details.  Her opinions on how she was visually thinking & interpreting ideas on what she believed would and would not work in terms of theme, colours, tone in makeup, hairstyle and clothing was very valuable.

January 16, 2018