January 16, 2018

In Loving Memory of: Professor Jan De Vries

26th January 1937 -7th July 2015

It was with deep sadness to hear of the loss of Mr De Vries, who passed away in July of this year. He passed quickly on a Tuesday, early morning after taking his dog for a walk.  Mr De Vries had been battling with ill health for 2 years.  Still he continued working in his clinics part time.  Working with him at Blythswood Square clinic in Glasgow, was such an privilege.  During the last 2 years, he worked all day on a Wednesday with his daughter Terita twice a month.  When I had clients on the same day I would regularly see him.  I loved every moment of being in his company, sometimes I would massage his shoulders for half an hour between clients, in which we also spent time  chatting about naturopathy and healthcare seminars.  I loved talking to him, his knowledge and understanding of naturopathic medicine was incredible, he would elaborate and educate me in a short period of time, about the medicinal actions and properties, even correcting me if I could not pronounce a substance correctly.  He loved to teach and educate his staff, he wanted us all to do really well, and would spent time promoting, and highly recommending his clients to have treatments with us.  Mr De Vries loved to receive and give affection, I know this because after his illness when he returned, I remember seeing him back at the clinic, he was so happy to be back, I hugged him and kissed his cheek, because I felt so sad that he suffered a serious ill health and was off sick for a period of time, it was a real joy to have him back.  our meeting from there on where always so affectionate, he reminded me of a grandfather type figure, he would always embrace me with a loving tight hug  and shake me affectionately in his arms, while I giggled, then he would kiss me on both cheeks, and come close to my face and say ‘I really love you Anila do you know that,  I really do, I mean that you know’, my heart used to melt, and I would say; ‘Awh….. and I love you to Mr De Vries, your such a loving man’.  It was quite a sweet and comical interaction.

Mr De Vries was  a very loving, kind caring and compassionate man, I knew this because he cared deeply for people and their wellbeing.  I was also a client of his, and he treated me for a health condition.  I remember him saying to me, take this medicine, and I promise you, I will make you better, he also advised me to read a book he wrote about this disease, which he suffered form also.

Working with Mr De Vries, he used to tell me, just by looking at me, and scanning his eyes up and down, how well and healthy he thought I looked. or what skills he could see in my energies.  I used to ask him, how do you know this Mr De Vries, he replied, he just knew, and that he knew a lot of things.  its was later, I understood that, Mr De Vries was a gifted and intuitive healer, as well as being a naturopathic Doctor. He was a trained medical pharmacist, he was fascinated with various type of healing. I knew because he has a painting depicting apothecary,  also he had many interesting and unique complementary diplomas from around the world,  also a collection of antique style bottles which represented Alchemy in his clinic rooms.  He truly was like a Master Magician/Wizard of medicine on a higher level.

Above all, he was the most humble, down to earth, fun loving man I knew, it gave him pleasure and joy to work and to do what he did best.  Mr De Vries mentioned once, after his clinic, he was tired, but just could not stop working, he didn’t know how to stop working, and did not wish to retire, as clients still kept coming to see him, although he did  not work the full 90 hours a week he once did, he continued to run some clinics on what time he left on this earth.

He is sadly missed by many people…and its heart-breaking to walk into the clinic rooms, to still see his equipment pens, paintings, bottles and diplomas displayed.  plus his stash of thank you cards form clients, which he treasured mostly.

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January 16, 2018