January 16, 2018

Raw talented & impressive Work

March 2014

Jasmine Alexander

Article  from ‘Love Gold’:

Work and achievement of Jasmine Alexander: a jewellery designer and goldsmith.  I’ve known Jasmine while I was studying at CSM in London.  Jasmine helped me and my fellow classmates during our final year to tackle the challenging and technical processes of jewellery making, from intricate & fine detail, to complex stone settings, or working with tough and impossible metals like titanium.  I’ve developed a good friendship with Jasmine ever since.  I am so happy to see how far she has come in terms of recognition for her amazing workmanship.  She is an inspirational person and her design concepts are spectacular and poetic. From knowing her I can honestly say she has a drive deep within her soul or core essence for an understanding of alchemy with metals.  Everything about her work is always about exceptional craftsmanship.  Have a look at the link below to see what ‘Love Gold’ have published.

January 16, 2018