Lady Peacock Ring

A beautiful and dear friend asked me to design a ring for her. She told me ‘The first person I thought of was you’.  Geraldine McEwan is not into diamonds or any mundane style of ring.  For her, its all about vivid colours, creativity, Reggie music and culture. Also there is a distinctive unique charming and elegant lady like demure within her personality. I know she adores the Art Nouveau movement -a classic and timeless period.  There is that glamour and style of that era within her and, for this reason I have named her ‘Lady Peacock’.  she wears the colours of the Peacock feather regularly and they are suited to her perfectly.

From knowing all about Geraldine’s style and personality I knew instantly which direction my research, ideas and concepts would stem from when I thought about the style for Geraldine’s ring.  The ring would be titled ‘Lady Peacock’.

I created Mood boards and, looked into the Design era of her favourite periods of time from there, I researched ring designs and stone setting concepts.  My ideas stemmed from the shapes and forms of Victorian Lace garments, Art Nouveau Décor and, stained glass Tiffany lamps.  with this in mind we then, looked at her favourite colour – Cobalt Blue and chose the Gemstone of rich vivid blue with hint of Gold speckles, we choose the richness of Lapiz Lazuli, we went to a traditional Gem supplier and sourced a large cabochon stone. I chose rose gold as the precious metal, the blue stone and tint of rose in the metal gave a subtle yet, beautifully contrast, Geraldine’s ring has the letter G carved into either side to represent her initial,  From designing and choosing the materials we hired  Darren White from Bejouled Boutique to CAD render and set the stone.

Jewellery Designer: Anila Ahmad; Model: Geraldine McEwan; Make Up Artist: Saira Ahmad; Clothing: Models own; Fashion Shoot Design set up Anila Ahmad; Portrait Photography: Yvonne Taylor; Ring Photography: Robert Smith

All Photography images are privately commissioned and copyright of Anila Ahmad and GRJ The Healing Garden.  All Right Reserved.