January 16, 2018

Manifesting change with the Moon

A shift in Vibrational Energy

Setting Goals and Emotionally Changing

Harnessing the moon energies is a fantastic way to bring change into our lives.   I practise this regularly, and since December last year, every full moon has brought me closer to my inner power, My vibrational energies have improved and cleansed,  from emotional well being to Goal setting for future plans. , I believe the moon energies are so powerful and Strong, this experience can create tremendous power and strength within us.

I also believe that doing this with good intentions, and not ego, will bring about the correct changes required within ourselves.  There are so many changes happening right now with regards to energy shifts.  some people are more sensitive to the changes than others.  The changes are happening for each of us, so that we can become the beings we are truly meant to on this earth plane.

Below is an article about emotional changes, in order to change we have to manifest this.

January 16, 2018