January 16, 2018

Sarah Jocelyn Burton

December 2014/January 2015

Renowned Silversmith & Jewellery Designer

I was introduced to Jocelyn Burton while Studying at Central St Martins College on Southampton Row in London.  Jocelyn lives around the corner from the college,  on Red Lion Street.  She has a spectacular home and drawing studio.  The first time I met her, I fell in love with her personality.  It was such a privilege, and honour to be granted permission, to do a summer placement with her, she was so warm and welcoming, we became friends.  She is a fascinating woman who passionately shares years of knowledge, understanding and the dedication , within her creative discipline.  Not only does Jocelyn posses all the above; her life experiences and knowledge of cultural, and worldly information is deeply inspiring.  Last spring during my visit to London, I arranged to see her again.  I cherished every moment of being back in her home and studio,  She was very charming and delightful, and we discussed how time had passed so quickly since leaving London all those years ago. I could chat with her forever, everything she talks about is incredible.  She is a wonderful and enlightened spiritual being,  I feel so blessed to have been educated by her.  I look forward to my next visit.

Sarah Jocelyn Burton Quotes: “Anila did a student placement with me.  Anila not only has a powerful imagination but a free and unfettered mind which allows her to find inspiration in unexpected places.  She is a true original and I expect great things of her.” 2006

January 16, 2018